"O! Via" is a famous Lovian poem by Oscar O'Neill. It was written in 1967 in Hurbanova, and is an ode to Lovia and the natural environment of Peace Island. It is quintessential to oetry, the poetic form invented by O'Neill, always starting with the letter "o".

Legacy Edit

"O! Via" is not O'Neill's best, according to many, but it's certainly his most famous, due to the superlatives of Lovia in the poem. Many Lovians have demanded that this poem would be adopted as Lovia's national anthem. As others pointed out, the poem's lack of meter and rhyme make it rather tough to put to music. It has also been suggested that if a national anthem is to be created, "O! Via" can serve as an inspirational source.

In 2013, Semyon Breyev described this poem in a speech as 'the blackest page in Lovian literary history, and that's counting Crush the Capitalist Beast.'

Poem Edit

O! Via

Along the road
And wide abroad

O! Via

Monument, great excellence
Natural, what a reference

O! Via

His, life
Mine, this

O! Via

Oceanwide beach, ay
'Till the day we die

O! Via

Via Mia
My Lovia

O! Via

Nation of promise
Absolute greatness


-- Oscar O'Neill, May 1967

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