Seal of the Old Harbor

Flag of the Old Harbor

Name Old Harbor
Hexacode SY-NC-OH
Population 2,772
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
(Peace Island)
Next to Seal of the Trading Quarter Trading Quarter, Seal of Bayside Bayside,
Seal of Industrial Park Industrial Park

The Old Harbor is one of the most ancient neighborhoods of Noble City, formerly named The Harbor. It's located in the southeastern corner of the capital. It used to be an important port, but now it is an industrial zone, with a lot of green industries. Well-known companies based in the Old Harbor are Veprom and Nordic Company.

The Old Harbor

The Old Harbor, Armand Guillaumin (1875)

Neighborhood map Edit

Citizena logo
Technology Avenue 2
Springles Candy
Elisabeth Street 1
*1 headquarters
Walker Inc
Technology Avenue 6
Technology Avenue 8A
GoldenDisc headquarters
Sebastian Street 1
*2 Greenday2
Sebastian Street 2
*3 Noble City Harbour
Harbour Street 1
Noble City Bay
Pacific Ocean
Princess' Park
Technology Avenue 4
Sheraldin Architects headquarters
Technology Avenue 8
Peace Island Times
Technology Avenue 10
Harbor Manor
Technology Avenue 12
Technology Avenue
Federal Property
Technology Avenue 1
Seamen's Pub
Technology Avenue 3
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial
Technology Avenue 5
Baldwin Coffees
Technology Avenue 9
Westling Photo
Technology Avenue 11
Lewis Media
Elisabeth Street 3
Lovehouse Bibles
Sebastian Street 3
Federal Property
Sebastian Street 4
All Lovia Omnibuses HQ
Marine Avenue 2
Bay Harbor School
Marine Avenue 10
Veloz Noble City Resort & Spa
Marine Avenue 12
Diligence Avenue
Lovilago Music
Marine Avenue 1
Hendrickx Security HQ
Marine Avenue 3
Little Mountain
Marine Avenue 5
Graham's Carpentry
Marine Avenue 7
Prince's Park
Marine Avenue 9
Japanese Embassy
Marine Avenue 11
Kameron Armaments
Elisabeth Street 5
Nordic Company
Elisabeth Street 6
Post Office
Sebastian Street 5
Sebastian Street 6

  • *1 - Elisabeth Street
  • *2 - Sebastian Street
  • *3 - Harbour Street

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