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The Old State Courthouse, now a conference center, in Noble City

The Old State Courthouse, previously known as the Sylvania Court House, is a landmark building and the headquarters of the IWO in Downtown Noble City and the former location of the now-abolished Sylvania State Court. In the 2010 State Reform (Sixth Amendment), the state courts were officially abolished. Governor Martha Van Ghent of the State of Sylvania decided to make the building into a small convention center, that could be rented by private businesses, academic institutions or government bodies to hold their conventions. In 2012, with the founding of the IWO, it was decided to convert the building into an organisation for IWO meetings and discussions. There is one lecture hall accommodated for 200 attendees and there are two open event halls.

The building was constructed in the early 1940s as a market hall. It suffered great damage in a fire in 1950. Reconstruction works took years, especially when the 1950s famine broke out. In 1955, the federal state introduced state courts and the old market hall was made into a courthouse.

The building is protected by the National Monument Service. The exterior as well as the authentic interior designs have been preserved. It is now one of the most visited landmarks in the Noble City area.

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