PRC Day Ticket

The PRC Day Ticket

The Pacific Railroad Company Day Ticket is a random railway pass that gives the consumer access to all railroad services operated by the Pacific Railroad Company during one day. Day Tickets are valid from 0h00 to 23h59.

One day Edit

A PRC Day Ticket works with the same system as all PRC passes: the passenger enters the railway station through a digital machine, scanning his/her PRC card, just by holding the card above a small platform. If the ticket is valid, the gates will open within a second. If unvalid, you van buy a new pass at our sales machines or call an assistant (if the card should be valid).

The date is printed on the card and is in fact of no important, except for the consumer himself. The notation is in this form: YY MM DD. So if the term is from October 1, 2008, then the date of the card is 08 10 01.

Day tickets are made of a softer material than PRC Year Tickets or PRC Uptoyou Tickets.

PRC Day Ticket Edit

The PRC Day Ticket gives the buyer access to following services:

Including free service at all railway stations[1], a free railroad map, free access to timetables at all railway stations and halts and free telephone service 24/7. On all Intercity services a free cup of coffee is offered between 6.30 AM and 9 AM[2].

Clients Edit

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References and notes Edit

  1. Not including railway halts.
  2. Tea and hot chocolate as well are available.

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