PRC Uptoyou Ticket

The PRC Uptoyou Ticket

The Pacific Railroad Company Uptoyou Ticket is a railway pass that gives the consumer access to all railroad services operated by the Pacific Railroad Company for a certain period. Uptoyou (from up to you) refers to the card's possibility to choose the term of activity.

Up to you! Edit

With an Uptoyou Ticket you can travel all railways operated by the Pacific Railroad Company. When you buy or order such a ticket, you can determine a period in which the card can be used. All possibilities between three days and one year are possible. The validation date is in the upper right corner of the card cover.

The date is written like this: YYMMDD-YYMMDD. So if the term is from April 12, 2008 until May 16, 2008, then the date of the card is written this way: 080412-080516.

PRC Uptoyou Ticket Edit

The PRC Uptoyou Ticket gives the buyer access to following services:

Including free service at all railway stations[1], a free railroad map, free access to timetables at all railway stations and halts and free telephone service 24/7. On all Intercity services a free cup of coffee is offered between 6.30 AM and 9 AM[2].

References and notes Edit

  1. Not including railway halts.
  2. Tea and hot chocolate as well are available.

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