The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the main room where there audiences and balls are held, and of course this is the room where Dimitri I was crowned. The Great Hall is the most famous hall of the palace. The hall is 73m long, 13m wide and 12.3m high and is is the largest of all rooms and halls. This hall is located on the first floor, on the westside of the palace. On the northern side it is flancked by the Hall of Victory and on the south by the Hall of Peace. The Great Hall remained the same from 1911 untill 2003. Over that time the hall became dark and dusty. In 2007 the hall was restored for the crowning of King Dimitri I.

Ceiling Edit

The ceiling is devided into seven pieces. Between those seven poeces there are six octagonial medallions. The whole ceiling was painted between 1909 and 1911 by Henry Brun. The paintings in the seven pieces represent stories from the Lovian mythology. The medallions show different victories in the Lovian history:

  1. "the First Alliance of the Lovians with the Libertans, 1880"
  2. "Crossing of the Ocean by the Orion, 1894"
  3. "The Lovian independance recognised by all other countries, 1882"
  4. "The Lovian fleet sets sail to oure first colony, 1885"
  5. "The reorganisation of the Lovian political and economic systems, 1887"
  6. "The peace of Noble City is being signed, 1886"

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