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Peace Island

Geographical regions of Peace Island

A map of Peace Island showing the Peace Island geographical regions

Peace Island is Lovia's largest, most populous and governmental main island. It is less frequently called Peace or the Island of Peace. The federal capital Noble City is situated on this island, as well as the towns of Train Village and Hurbanova. Peace Island has lots of hills and is very green. The biggest part of the island forms the main part of the State of Sylvania. The southwestern peninsula forms, together with the Isle of Frisco and the Isle of London the State of Oceana.

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Peace Island is the largest Lovian island by surface. It is a large island with many hills and woods.

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The island is often divided into two parts: Western Peace Island, forming the main part of Oceana, and Eastern Peace Island, that is the greatest part of Sylvania. These two areas aren't based on geograhical differences, nor on strong cultural differences, though Hurbanova is known to have a more Eastern European culture.

The island is often divided in several smaller areas that are connected by geography and often by culture as well. These seven regions are:

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