Peter Emanuel Identity
Peter Emanuel
Name Peter Emanuel
Sex Male Male
Born January 18th 1959, United States Chicago
Home Noble City
Functions Linguist
University professor
Languages English, Dutch (Libertan)

Peter Emanuel (January 18th 1959, Chicago) is an American-born, former-Libertan and present-day Lovian linguist and author. Emanuel is the author of many publications on linguistic phenomena, lexicography, spelling issues and syntax theory.

Early life and education Edit

Emanuel was born out of a Libertan family who had been living in the United States for some time. They first lived in Illinois, before moving to New Haven, Connecticut, where Peter attended a private high school. A scholarship got him into Yale University. Emanuel earned a master's degree in English linguistics. He then attended Northwestern University in Chicago, where he earned his Ph.D.

In Libertas Edit

Emanuel moved to his ancestral country Libertas in 2004. He was a full professor at the Free University of Wikistad, until he moved to Lovia in November 2009.

In Lovia Edit

Emanuel is now associated with the Blackburn University. He is the head of the linguistics department.

Emanuel is one of the nation's most widely publicized atheists. Emanuel is a full member of the Lovian Freethought Academy. He is also known to be a rationalist and a prominent critic of religion, creationism and pseudoscience. In America and Britain he gained fame as linguist and in Libertas he proved himself a tolerant language policy maker.

In recent years, he has shown himself a moderate supporter of Chomskyan linguistics.

In 2009, he published a essay on the role of language in politics, and in 2010 he published his Introduction to minimalist Generative Grammar, marking his focal shift to syntax.

Bibliography Edit

Books, essays and articles published while living in the US:

Recent publications in Libertas:

These were published while living in Lovia:

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