Pierlot McCrooke Identity
Pierlot McCrooke
Name Pierlot McCrooke
Full name Pierlot Garry McCrooke
Sex Male Male
Born November 30, 1957,
Children Ricky Donia
Home Seal of Train Village Train Village
Languages English, Dutch

Pierlot Garry McCrooke (November 30, 1957) is a Lovian local politician, businessman, policeman, architect, future actor and co-anchor of Lovia's most famous talk show, Oceana Late. Pierlot McCrooke is a Lovian citizen and former Mayor of Train Village. He writes a column, named Pierlot is blogging, and runs TVN. McCrooke is a rather controversial figure. In December 2009, he was involved in the McCrooke v. Donia Trial.

He had a heart attack on January 6, and was rumoured to be dead, but this was later found to be false.

On January 7, 2011, McCrooke was imprisoned for the duration of one year. In spite of his conviction, Pierlot McCrooke got elected as a CPL.nm MOTC after the 2011 reform of Congress in absentia. Since no court declared his political rights forfeit, McCrooke exercised his duty from prison.

As of February 2012, McCrooke has been released from prison and continues to be active as a politician as a free man.

He crowned himself as Heretow of Clave Rock in 2015.

He is known for switching parties very often.

Personal life Edit

Marriage to Dalia Donia Edit

As of November 2009, August Magnus Donia has offered Mr. McCrooke his beautiful daughter's hand in marriage. Pierlot however, took a while to respond. On November 14, 2009, Dalia Donia announced her pregnancy in an interview with a Lovian newspaper. They had known each other for over a year. According to her, McCrooke does not want to marry her yet, because he dislikes her father and feels he is not ready for a marriage, but he has not confirmed any of these statements.

Pierlot McCrooke initially refused to marry Dalia, saying he would never marry her. He did this presumable because he greatly dislikes her father, the self proclaimed "Baron of Donia". On the 25th of November, 2009, however, the couple married in a lavish ceremony in Castle Donia. Few days later, the proud newlyweds announce Dalia's child is a boy. He will be named Ricky, after a paternal uncle. Dalia Donia is now named Dalia Donia-McCrooke. Pierlot divorced his pregnant wife in December 2009 after just one month of marriage, resulting in a fight the Baron and eventually even a trial. It resulted in public outcry.

Death Edit

McCrooke was said to have died on january 6, 2010. It was said suffered from a fatal heart attack.[1] This was presumably caused by stress, due to the extremely high pressure the young politician was on. It is unknown to whom Pierlot McCrooke's fortune will go. He has an unborn son with his ex-wife but it is unknown they will receive any money from the deceased statesman. His testament has not yet been made public. Pierlot McCrooke could also have been killed by family members for financial reasons, or by opponents of the Iron Guard Party he supported and briefly lead. However, it later turned out McCrooke was still alive and kicking.

IGP Edit

McCrooke has been a member of Dietrich Honecker's Iron Guard Party ever since it was founded. After Honeckers forced exile, McCrooke took over the fascist movement with its founders permission. He has changed the party's name to Clear, then changed it back, and made some changes in the party policies. When the king threatened to punish the IGP members, McCrooke left the party. All other members were blocked for a month but McCrooke was not punished resulting in public outcry. According to sources from La Quotidienne, McCrooke cannot be exiled because he is supported by Interpol. Pierlot himself denies this.[2]

Talk show side-kick Edit

On 23-11 he will begin as talk show sidekick at Oceana Late. He really likes the job, he announced in a press conference. He says he thinks Taisho Kumato should get a wrestling program.

Movie plans Edit

He announced on 7-08-2010, that he wants to make a movie of The River of Oto. However this movie isnt finished yet. He will start soon.

Son Edit

Son Ricky McCrooke (also known as Ricky Donia) was born on the First of March to former wife Dalia Donia. It is unknown who will get custody of the child, as both parents are divorced and seem to dislike each other.

Career overview Edit

Vote McCrooke-Matthews

His campaign poster for the mid-terms

Quotations Edit

Quotes on McCrooke Edit

Pierlot is our little devil, our childish brother. We love him, that's for sure.

Arthur Jefferson Lovian Freethought Academy 12:01, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

Anyone ever read the book The Old Man and Mr. Smith? Well, Pierlot is my personal Mr. Smith...

Lars 12:56, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

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