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Name Pines
Hexacode KI-NH-PI
Population 4,105
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Newhaven.png Newhaven
Next to Seal of Old Port.png Old Port
Nicknames the Forest

Pines is a neighborhood in the city of Newhaven. It is a relatively green and quiet neighborhood. It is mainly covered by the King Lucas Park, but also contains several residential areas. At the current location of the neighborhood, there used to be a huge pine forest, of which there are still large sections left at the edges of Pines. Pines originally planned to be a residential neighborhood to house more citizens during the population boom of the 1990s, and thus counted on a growing number of citizens. The expected numbers were however overestimated, and Pines didn't succeed in attracting a lot of new inhabitants. Therefore, the King Lucas Park, covering approximately half of the neighborhood, was constructed. The other half remained residential, and has slowly filled up to the present day.

Economy[edit | edit source]

After the reconstruction of the neighborhood in 2010, mainly rural and farming grounds were foreseen. The primary sector was underrepresented in Kings before the reconstruction, but since the settling of the Grindon Farming Corporation that lack has been worked away. The local government is trying hard to draw more farming companies and use a part of the newly constructed King Lucas Park as a study ground for botanic projects. Most economic activity remains however in the neighboring Old Port which is more industrial.

Map of Pines[edit | edit source]

↑ Downtown ↑
Ocean The Abby
*1 Pine Avenue
King Lucas Park
*2 King Lucas Park
Park Esplanade
*3 King Lucas Park
Botanical Gardens
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1 Old Port Avenue
*4 Cafe Iamato
1 Kings Street


Pines Apartments I
2 Old Port Avenue
Old Port Avenue
King Lucas Park Lake King Lucas Fountains Botanical Institute
1 Elisabeth Avenue
William Krosby
3 Old Port Avenue
Pines Apartments II
2 Elisabeth Avenue
Elisabeth Avenue
King Lucas Park
Park Esplanade
King Lucas Park
Botanical Gardens
David Goodwin
3 Elisabeth Avenue
Harold Freeman
2 Kings Street
West Shore Hotel
1 Dusk Street
George Underhill
2 Dusk Street
Ramani Kapoor
1 Park Street
Concordia Architecture
2 Park Street
Pines Station
3 Kings Street
Hotel Pines
4 Kings Street
McDonald's Family Restaurant
4 Dusk Street
Pizza Hut
3 Park Street
Shō Kitana
4 Park Street
Pines Forest railway
Pines Forest

  • *1 - Sea Boulevard
  • *2 - Dusk Street
  • *3 - Park Street
  • *4 - Kings Street

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