Plemming Forest - Cadastral Map - JUN08

A map of the forest.


Old Plemming residence

The Plemming Forest is a Lovian forest located in the east of Peace Island, Sylvania. Sven Plemming was a notable inhabitant of that forest, in an old residence called Plemming. The forest mostly consists of conifer trees. Anfii's kids' farm is located in the forest, near Plemming.

Poem Edit

There's an old poem about the forest:

The Plemming Forest is a forest in the east
The forest mostly contains pine trees
Some elderly say there lives a beast
But others say it's just a couple of geese
The elderly are very afraid because they hear a sound
A sound what they can't determinate
Others say it's just geese landing on the ground
And the elderly wrongly estimate
The elderly don't have to be afraid
Because the geese disappear when it's late

Plemming Edit

Plemming is the name of the house Sven Plemming lived in. The roof is made of wood and the walls are made of plaster work, while the windows are - obviously - of glass. There is a wine cellar, with some of the best Mosels in the Pacific.

The house was built in 1904. The first man who lived in the house was Steven Plemming, who was married to Maria Outguest. They had a son and two daughters. The son was called Paul, who married and got children too. When Paul died in 1967 the house was left with no inhabitants. The house remained empty until 2008, when Sven Plemming arrived at the Plemming Forest. The same year it caught fire and was almost demolished.

Unfortunately, Sven Plemming died a year later. He was burried in front of the house, in November 2009, one day after his death.

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