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The Progressive Center Party (abbreviated PCP) was a major Lovian centre-left and progressive political party. It was founded on December 1, 2007 by Yuri Medvedev, after internal problems within his previous King's Party (a centre-left, monarchist party) after the resignation of Judy Almore led him to resign from his previous party. It quickly attracted many new members from the unraveling KP, and well as some independents and social liberals. It merged with the New Socialist Party to form the Progressive Democrats on December 3, 2009, though it had been in alliance with the NSP via the electoral coalition PCP/NSP since July 31, 2008. The PCP had the plurality of seats for the 2008 Congress, and also held a majority of state governorships. The party had a centrist base, in alliance with moderate leftists, and emphasized a progressive democratic and social policy. The party also had a great interest in ecological issues.

Ideology Edit

By 2008, the PCP had matured as a party and had established a platform consisting of centre-left economic positions along with social liberalism and progressivism. Formerly, the party had been more liberal, but drifted leftward after going into coalition with the New Socialist Party. The party believed that government should play a role in alleviating poverty and social injustice, even if such requires a larger role for government and progressive taxation. The cornerstones of the party policy were:

  • Civil liberties
  • Social freedoms
  • Equal rights
  • Social security
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Free enterprises

The Progressive Center Party, once only dominant in Seven and Kings, got also well represented in Clymene, Sylvania, and Oceana. They were strongest in major cities, such as Noble City, but candidates started faring better on some less populated islands too. This was most likely due to the coalition with the green-socialist party NSP.

Functions in the government Edit

The Progressive Center Party was the strongest party of the country in 2008. They controlled half of the seats in the 2008 Congress after the 2008 mid-term elections, and also had most of the state governors as members of the party. In the federal government, they held several functions of the cabinet. They also delivered the Prime Minister, Yuri Medvedev.

Notable Members Edit

Following is a list of people who have been member of the Progressive Center Party. Most of them are now a member of the Progressive Democrats, which later transitioned into the Communist Party of Lovia (neo-marxist).

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