Queen Elisabeth Identity
Lucas and queen elisabeth
Name Queen Elisabeth
Full name Queen Elisabeth of Lovia, Elisabeth Josie Pennington Noble
Sex Female Female
Born March 2, 1918, Newhaven
Deceased November 1, 1985, Kings Island
Spouse King Lucas I
Home Noble City
Functions Queen of Lovia (1953-1956), Princess of Lovia (1939-1985)
Languages English, French, Spanish and little Italian and Dutch

Queen Elisabeth of Lovia or Elisabeth Josie Pennington Noble (Newhaven, 1918 - Noble City, 1985) was a Lovian Queen and the wife of the fourth monarch of Lovia, King Lucas I. She had American-Lovian parents, Governor of Sylvania James W. Pennington, and Lysette Brooke Pennington. She had one elder brother, Robert Pennington, the longest serving Sylvania Governor.

She married Prince Lucas in 1941. They were known to be a happily married couple. Three years after King Lucas I became ruling monarch of Lovia, he abdicated due the national famines and they moved to a private residence on Kings Island. She died November 1, 1985, only two days before he died. After suffering several miscarriages, the couple eventually was unable to have any children. Elisabeth told her husband he should remarry to produce and heir but he refused, telling her he loved her too much; nieces and nephews became the joy of the old couple's lives, aswell as traveling to exciting locations all around the globe..

Some years after King Lucas abdicated, the people became to see Elisabeth as the perfect Queen, and they missed her (under Arthur III, there was no official queen of Lovia). Elisabeth was admired by many women who saw a role model in her.

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