Queen Lucy I Identity
Queen Lucy
Name Queen Lucy I
Full name Lucy Anne Noble I, Queen Lucy I of Lovia
Sex Female Female
Born August 1, 1894, Flag of Lovia Small Noble City
Deceased July 29, 1953, Flag of Lovia Small Asian Island
Spouse King Joseph of Lovia
Home Noble City
Functions Queen of Lovia
Languages English, Dutch and some Spanish and German
Ruling Monarch
Reign 1938-1953
Coronation N/A
Predecessor King Arthur II of Lovia
Successor King Lucas I of Lovia

Queen Lucy I of Lovia, born Lucy Anne Noble (1894-1953), was Lovia's third ruling monarch and the first queen. She succeeded her father, King Arthur II of Lovia in 1934, after some minor disturbances due to her being the first female monarch. She reigned from 1938 until 1953. Queen Lucy was succeeded by her eldest son, King Lucas I of Lovia. Lucy had three younger brothers, her twin Robert Noble, as well as Prince Noah and Prince James.

Personal life and family Edit

Queen Lucy was married to the Belgian-born Joseph of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 1911. He had had a son, Pieter Joseph Van Draak, with his first wife, who died while giving childbirth. Lucy adopted the young boy in 1911. They had three children together: Lucas, Arthur and Thomas. The two eldest both became ruling monarchs of Lovia. And the eldest became the father of a the future king Dimitri I of Lovia.

Prince Thomas, born nearly twenty years after Lucas and Arthur, caused some controversy in national and foreign media.

Queen Lucy died from a cancer after treatment failed.

Children Edit

Legacy Edit

She is seen as one of the best female leaders in the world and one of the better Lovian monarchs.  She was awarded the Order of Valdemar of Strasland in 1950.

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