Republican Initiative
Republican initiative
Abbreviations RI
Party Leader Aina Sarria
Deputy Leader
Founded 2014

██ Teal

██ Dark Red

Ideology progressivism, environmentalism, republicanism
Spectrum Center-Left
Lovian Politics
Close to UL, GP, LF
Far from CCPL, PL, CNP
5 / 100
Aina Sarria

Republican Initiative is a political party that was created by Aina Sarria in 2014. The party is leftist and suports republicanism in Lovia and environmentalism. The colors of the party are teal and dark red. RI is a partner of Esquedra Republicana na Barzona of Brunant.

History of the Republican InitiativeEdit

Aina Sarria created the party in 2014 because there wasn't representation of republican viewpoints in Lovia. She was also unhappy because there were laws that regulated the country but many were not maintained and upheld while she wants to have all the laws enforced. The party is going to work with the Green Party and United Left which are close in its ideology but also with all the parties of the congress.



  • Taxes should be a progressive system, so the poor people pay a lot less percentage and the rich more.
  • Lovia should become a republic and at least cut the spending for the monarchy.
  • The leader of Lovia should be elected directly.
  • Lovia should completely ban militias.
  • Truth Island should allowed to be autonomous but still within Lovia.

Economy and relationsEdit

  • Lovia should create more links with other countries in the economy and politics, like Traspes, Prasia, Stralsand, Insel, Cettatie.
  • Lovia should put some business taxes, but not a lot, so they can get more revenue but not scare away the businesses from Lovia.


  • Create more national parks and create laws to protect the endangered animals in Lovia.
  • Give fines for companies that aren't becoming more ecologically friendly.


  • Ban smoking in public areas, public buildings, restaurants like it is in Canada and Brunant and fine people that break that law.
  • The state should provide public health and social programs to assist the poor people.
  • Euthanasias should be legal in special cases when the person is very ill and it's very difficult and painful if they continue to live.
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