Richmond country house.jpg

Name Richmond House
Start building 1919
Finish building 1919
Location Seal of Abby Springs.png Abby Springs, Newhaven
Function House
Owner Jhon Lewis and family

Richmond House is a Victorian country house in Abby Springs, a neighborhood of Newhaven. It was constructed in 1919 by the Lovian businessman Thomas Richmond and is currently owned by Jhon Lewis and his family.


The house was built for Thomas Richmond, a rich Lovian bussinessman. Thomas visited in 1917 Abby Springs and had an idea. He wanted to build a house in that village. In 1918, the plans were made by the American architect Mark Anderson. In 1919, employees of a building company had started to build. Eight months later was it finish.

When in 1967, Richmond died, the house was owned by the state. There was a large library. But in 1979, Isabelle Monti bought the house and lived there with her husband and six children. In 2007 was the home for sale. In 2009, Jhon Lewis bought the house.