A Royal Assignment was an assignment given by the ruling monarch to a Lovian inhabitant. There were short-term assignments and long-term assignments, which were characterized by a certain 'title'. They were abolished when King Dimitri I of Lovia abdicated in 2008 and were not re-introduced during his second reign.

Short-term assignments Edit

Short-term assignments were tasks the king gave to one of his citizens. These were given in case of a temporary issue which needed to be rsolved. Eg.: the King asks one of his inhabitants to solve a certain dispute between two political parties. Another example: there is a serious traffic problem around Noble City and the Governor, nor the Secretary of Transportation can solve it, so the King asks one of his inhabitants (of whom he knows he or she can solve this) to find a solution.

Long-term assignments Edit

Long-term assignments were titles the king donated to someone, with the inclusion of a certain task. These were for a long time and required constant activity.

Assignments during King Dimitri I (2007-2008) Edit

Long-term assignments given by King Dimitri I were:

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