Royal Standard

The Royal Standard symbolizing the Lovian monarchy

The royal family of Lovia has ruled The Kingdom of Lovia since 1875, except during a short-lived republican period from August 2008 until November 2009. This article includes lists of all kings and queens and their pictures. The current ruling monarch is HRH King Sebastian I of Lovia, married to Queen Louise of Lovia.

List of Kings and Queens of Lovia Edit

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Portrait Name Ruling monarch from Ruling monarch until Relationship with predecessor(s)
King Arthur King Arthur I (1849-1887) 1876 February 2, 1887
King Arthur II King Arthur II (1875-1938) February 2, 1887 October, 5 1938 Son of Arthur I
Queen Lucy Queen Lucy I (1894-1953) October 5, 1938 1953 Daughter of Arthur II
King Lucas I King Lucas I (1912-1985) 1953 1956 Son of Lucy I
King Arrthur III King Arthur III (1913-2007) 1957 2007 Brother of Lucas I
King Dimitri 2010 King Dimitri I (born 1991) November 2007
November 2008
August 2009
August 2013
Nephew of Arthur III
Prince sebastian King Sebastian I (born 1986) August 2013 Present Second cousin of Dimitri I

Timeline Edit

King Sebastian I of LoviaKing Dimitri I of LoviaKing Dimitri I of LoviaKing Arthur III of LoviaKing Lucas I of LoviaQueen Lucy I of LoviaKing Arthur II of LoviaKing Arthur I of Lovia

Family tree of the royal family Edit

Note: * Living people
Note: ** Illegitimate descendants

Lovian Royal Family Tree

Succession to the throne Edit

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Symbols Edit

The symbol of the Lovian royal family is a simple white crown. It's on lots of seals and flags, including the Royal Standard, which is the official standard of the ruling monarch.

Protocol Edit

The monarch usually is addressed as His Royal Highness, His Majesty, Sebastian I, King of Lovia, Sire or Sir. Politeness is regarded necessary when talking to the King, Queen or another member of the royal family.

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