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A photograph of the Saint Urban's Cathedral.


The bells of the Saint Urban's Cathedral.


Waylon Ský.

The Saint Urban's Cathedral, formerly known as the Hurbanova Town Hall or the Oceana Town Hall, is a church and the religious and administrative center of the Bishopric of Lovia. It used to house the local authorities of the town of Hurbanova and the state of Oceana, but in 2011 its function changed and the administrative center of the state of Oceana moved to the former court house, which is now called the Oceana Capitol. Saint Urban's Cathedral is a wooden building which was renovated in 1974 and it had been a church earlier until 1963. During the renovation, the building was totally rebuilt in order to make it fit its new destination better.

A few days each year is the church open to the public and there is a mass. This usually happens on Christmas, Easter and Onsten, a local feast on August 29. Normal church masses are held at the RCC Saint Urban in Drake Town.

The current bishop of Lovia is Waylon Ský. It should be noted that the bishopric only has authority over Catholic churches in Lovia, and it is a part of the archdiocese of San Francisco.

Location Edit

The Saint Urban's Cathedral is located at 2 Danish Avenue, Hurbanova. At the other side of the road is a shop of Aventis and a store of Butique. The Hurbanova Central Park is also nearby and you could walk to the beach through the Town Hall's garden. This garden isn't a beautiful garden and there might be some biological matter resulting from canine bowel movement, so you got to be careful.

Archives Edit

The archives of Hurbanova and Oceana are kept in the protected safes in the cellar of the Saint Urban's Cathedral. These archives contain some old documents from the mining period (1881-1965) which give us some information about life in those days and where exactly the mines were situated. The archives are administrated by the local state authorities. Requests for insight should be done at the Oceana Capitol.

List of bishops Edit

  • Creation of the Bishopric of Oceana and Lovia (March 17, 1924)
  • March 17, 1924 - June 23, 1924: Kenneth Oestbaum
  • June 23, 1924 - February 5, 1931: Albert Schneider
  • February 5, 1931 - May 20, 1938: Ronald Thumbsup
  • May 21, 1938 - November 9, 1940: Michael Ský-Wood
  • Renamed to Bishopric of Lovia (February 7, 1940)
  • November 16, 1940 - January 29, 1957: Harold Hladovka
  • February 3, 1957 - August 15, 1973: Matthäus Heimdigger
  • August 21, 1973 - July 24, 1981: Alex Otlev
  • July 28, 1981 - March 16, 1983: Peter Smith-Ský
  • April 25, 1983 - January 2, 1997: Jean Beaufort
  • January 4, 1997 - January 19, 2008: Mark Windjhoeare
  • January 23, 2008 - now: Waylon Ský
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