Samantha Brown Identity.png
Name Samantha Brown
Full name Samantha Allison Brown
Born December 14, 1970, Seal of Newhaven.png Newhaven
Languages English

Samantha Brown (born December 14, 1970) is a Lovian politician who also works as a National Post journalist. She is currently a member of the Liberal Democratic Party since May 2011, after her old party, the Lovian Democratic Party, merged to form the new LDP.


Samantha Brown was born in Abby Springs, and attended Newhaven Elementary School as a child. After graduating from her high school in 1992, she became interested in politics and law, and studied to become a lawyer at Blackburn University. After completing her courses in 2000, she joined the LDP and began campaigning for the party. Brown quickly rose in rank in the party, and was elected to the 2003 Congress. However, the LDP's popularity declined and she was voted out in the 2006 Congressional election. She continued running in elections, but was not elected. She ran in the 2011 Special Federal Elections, was elected, and has remained as a Social Liberal Party backbencher in the 2011 Second Congress, 2012 Congress, and 2013 Congress. She became a Supreme Court judge for the 2013 term.