The Second Amendment is an amendment to the Lovian Constitution and was proposed by King Dimitri I of Lovia soon after the independence problems in Hurbanova, Oceana. The amendment concerns the sovereignity, independence, unitarity and indivisibility of the Lovian National State. All fundamentals of the Lovian state are defined in the Second Amendment. The article was originally proposed as the Twelfth Article of the Constitution, but was adapted as the First Article A. The original First Article became Article 1 B.

The proposal was finally accepted on April 11, 2008[1] after the vote of Prime Minister Yuri Medvedev. All Members of the Congress supported the Constitutional proposal, though some resistance was expected by some Congressmen.

Article 1A[edit | edit source]

The original text as in the Second Chamber:

  • Article 12 - Lovian state
    1. Lovia is a sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible National State.
    2. Lovia is a democratic and social state, governed by the rule of law, in which human dignity, the citizens' rights and freedoms, the free development of human personality, justice and political pluralism represent supreme values, in the spirit of the democratic traditions of the Lovian people and shall be guaranteed.
    3. Lovia shall be organized based on the principle of the separation and balance of powers -legislative, executive, and judicial - within the framework of constitutional democracy.
    4. In Lovia, the observance of the Constitution, its supremacy and the laws shall be mandatory.
    5. The national sovereignty shall reside within the Lovia people, that shall exercise it by means of their representative bodies, resulting from free, periodical and fair elections, as well as by referendum.
    6. No group or person may exercise sovereignty in one's own name.

References and notes[edit | edit source]

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