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The Sixth Amendment is an amendment to the Lovian Constitution that was proposed on July 31st, 2010 by King Dimitri I of Lovia after a long period of negotiations, and that was approved by Congress August 29th.

The term is generally used to those elements of the 2010 State Reform that amended the Constitution, and not the Federal Law. To describe the entirety of the state reform as proposed by the King in the summer of 2010, the term '2010 State Reform' is used.

Reforms Edit

The Sixth Amendment most notably reformed the following elements of the Constitution:

  • Article 4 underwent heavy changes: the number of levels of government goes from four to two, as the local and sub-local government is abolished. All judicial power now inheres to the Supreme Court and all legislative power to Congress. The states are now led executively by the Governor and Deputy Governor, both elected democratically.
  • Article 5 was entirely rewritten. The competencies of states are strictly limited to local government. The article sums up all state competencies and prescribes that all other competencies inhere to the federal level. Two safety mechanisms were built in: Congress can overrule excessive building plans of Governors, and the Supreme Court can settle any issue between the states or between a state and the federal level.
  • Articles 6 and 7 were partly rephrased. Also, state law was abolished and the required special majority was lowered to two thirds instead of three fourths.
  • In Article 8, the election of the Governor and Deputy Governor (new) was altered. The term for both officials is now limited to six months, with state elections every half year.
  • Article 9 was rephrased by Supreme Court Judge Arthur Jefferson, without major changes in content.
  • Article 10 concerning state courts was abolished.

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