Slinkni branan rebuilt

The rebuilt Slinkni Brana.

Meshatsh Brana

Breaking down the Meshatsh Brana (Gate of the Moon) in 1909.

Slinkni Brana 1978

Slinkni Brana in 1978


Slinkni Brana in 1917

The Slinkni Brana(n) (English: Gate of the Sun) is a Lovian landmark and was one of one of the four original town gates of Hurbanova, Oceana.

History Edit

The gate was built by the third mayor, Kelový, to prevent that in times of war the town would be destroyed. In 1917 the government of Oceana decided to blow up the remaining gate. This resulted in huge protests by the inhabitants and the monastery. Only one picture of the gate remains, taken at a moment when the gate was already severely damaged, and only one of the two towers was still standing. The southern tower and the main gate were already demolished before 1917. Even though many people were against the destruction of the gate the state government decided to do it and on March 5, 1917, the remainings of the gate were blown up. Unfortunately for the government, the blast didn't succeed and two walls were still left. The barracks was totally demolished. In 1978, the remainings of the Slinkni Brana became state monuments.

After the Hurbanova crisis Oos Wes Ilava came up with the idea to renovate the Slinkni Brana. He wanted to rebuild the northern tower and the barracks.

Design Edit

The gate existed out of two towers, a main gate and a barracks. The southern tower was called Eshinni Fesha Hurbanovni (Tower of the Strait of Hurbanova) and the northern tower was called That Nowe (The Foot)

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