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Name Sofasi
Hexacode CL-SO-01
Population 23,424
Language(s) English
Location Asian Island, Seal of Clymene.png Clymene
Nicknames Sofasi
Sofasi sign.png

Sofasi (南亚/南亞 in Chinese) is a Lovian town on Asian Island and is the Clymene state capital. The name comes from South of Asian Island. Sofasi is a popular tourist location, as a result of its soft climate, its holiday atmosphere and local monuments and beaches.

Sofasi came on the news when neo-nazi rioters cause unrest on 11 May 2010. In the event, known as the Sofasi Riot, 21 people got wounded and 2 houses and 2 cars were severely damaged by fires. Almost all hooligans had been arrested, as they were suspected of incendiary and ferocity. A similar riot later occurred during the Lovian Civil War, with a few buildings being damaged, most notably the Sofasi Apartments.

Sofasi became a City according to the 2013 Census conducted by the Clymene Census Agency.


Sofasi was founded in 1885 as Burke's Town, after early American settler John Burke. Around 1890 there were only 300-400 inhabitants, but with the onset of the gold rush in 1893, the population boomed to around 9000 in 1895-96. Sofasi was given its current name in 1900.

Sofasi was one of the strictest enforces of Prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s but by the mid-1930s much of the police was being bribed by rumrunners in Truth Island for protection.

The downtown neighborhood has since only reached 12,445 in population, but the city itself has over 20,000 people.


Robin Ferguson has become the Mayor of Sofasi. Sofasi's Town Hall, also called the "Village's Palace", is one of the most beautiful buildings of Sofasi. It was designed by a French architect who was in charge for the French king in the 18th Century. It symbolizes Sofasi's pride and beauty.

Sofasi has four neighborhoods:Hightech Valley, Intercity, Downtown and Milerose. Hightech Valley (to the northwest) is an industrial park of important value to Lovia, Intercity a mix of business and cultural fusion (northeast), Downtown (southwest) the orignial neighborhood, and Milerose (to the southeast) is a residential seaside village.


Sofasi Bike.jpg

At present there is only one hotel in Sofasi, the Hotel Freedom. There are still 2 lots available for tourism aims. There is a marina for the tourism, the Sparrow Marina. At this moment, people are working on the organization of a summer festival, the Sofasi Hot Summer.

Sofasi is famous for its good bike paths.


There is a national airport just north of Sofasi: Clymene State Airport. There is a harbor too, the Stockton Harbor. People are working on the idea of a rail service between Sofasi and the Clymene State Airport. It will have one station in Sofasi itself, one in Hightech Valley and one station in the Clymene State Airport. InterBus also allows for easy travel within the city and to other settlements within the state. A bike sharing system is being developed for the city.

City Map[]

Seal of Hightech Valley.png Hightech Valley

Intercitylogo.png Intercity

Seal of Sofasi.png Downtown

Milerose logo.png Milerose


██ Mostly residential

██ Mostly commercial

██ Mostly industrial

██ Mostly administrative

██ Mostly natural/agricultural

Town Map[]

Hightech Valley
China Avenue 2
Sofasi Library
China Avenue 4
Rider Primary School
*1 China Avenue 6
China Avenue 8
*2 China Avenue 10
Swift Oil
gas station
China Avenue 12
China Avenue
Margins HQ
China Avenue 1
China Avenue 3
Robin Ferguson
China Avenue 5
Citizena logo.png
China Avenue 7
Trinity Church
China Avenue 9
Sofasi Mall
Arthur Street 1
Philip Bradly-Lashawn
Lucy Street 2
Lucy House
Lucy Street 1
Saint Helena's Church
Sofasi Park
12A History Avenue
Arthur Street 2
Mariners Pub
Arthur Street 3
Kameron Bank
Lucy Street 6
Post Office
Lucy Street 3
Villanova Hospital
History Avenue 1
Clymene Art Museum
Beijing Park History Avenue 5
Town Hall
History Avenue 7
Clymene Court House
Clymene State Court
History Avenue 9
Grey Lounge
History Avenue 11
Sofasi Apartments
History Avenue
History Avenue 2
Bill An
History Avenue 4
Big Kahuna
History Avenue 6
Sofasi Medical Center
History Avenue 8
Government of Clymene
History Avenue 10
Sparrow Marina
History Avenue 12
Stockton Harbor
Arthur Street 4
Seaman's Ale Brewery
Arthur Street 5
Hotel Freedom
Lucy Street 4
Souvenir Shop
Lucy Street 8
Arthur Jefferson Lovian Freethought Academy.png

Sofasi Beach

Walled Beach Garden 1 Boardwalk
Sofasi Costal Police Outpost

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Sofasi Lighthouse

  • *1 - Arthur Street
  • *2 - Lucy Street


Origin Percentage (2001) Percentage (2008)
United States.png United States 35% 38%
Flag of China.png China 32% 37%
Flag of Belgium.png Belgium 15% 12%
Flag of Germany.png Germany 9% 10%
Others 9% 3%

The two main groups of inhabitants are the Americans (25%) and the Chinese (50%). Two other big groups are the Belgians and the Germans (22%).

In the early years of the 20th century, there came a lot of Chinese people to Sofasi. In the 1930s got Sofasi the nickname "New China" because of that. Many inhabitants are of mixed ancestry, mostly Chinese-Caucasian.


Climate Table of Sofasi

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record High°C 28,4 29,0 31,9 33,3 35,9 37,3 38,2 40,2 37,3 33,4 30,5 27,6 33,9
Average high °C 20.3 21.0 23.2 25.1 27.0 29.8 30.8 30.7 28.2 24.8 23.9 21.3 25,5
Average low °C 8.7 8.8 10.2 12.2 15.8 19.4 20.7 21.8 17.9 15.3 12.6 10.7 14,5
Record low °C -2,6 -2,9 0,6 4,0 7,4 8,2 8,9 9,2 7,4 4,7 2,3 0,7 4,0
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Total mm 102 88 60 66 64 36 23 18 71 94 105 112 839

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