Sofasi Apartments is the name of an apartment building in Sofasi, Clymene. It was set on fire and severely damaged by rioters during the Lovian Civil War, but later repaired with the addition of several new floors for sale. The average price of an apartment is $230,000 per year.

Apartments Edit

Floor Inhabitants Extra apartment facilities
1st Reception Terrace
2nd Drew Breau Balcony
3rd Percival E. Galahad Balcony
4th Martha Van Ghent Balcony
5th FOR SALE Balcony
6th Annie X Balcony
7th Shauniej Balcony
8th Tahrim Veltman Balcony
9th Naamloos Anonymous XIII Balcony
10th Tambo Balcony
11th FOR RENT Balcony
12th FOR RENT Balcony
13th FOR RENT Balcony
14th FOR RENT Balcony
15th Azkar Ostwyk Balcony, roof terrace

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