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The Southern Abby Building is an apartment building in the south of Malipa, built in 2007. This apartment building contains eleven stories, of whicgh ten are for sale. All of the stories are residential. The appartment building has two exclusive rooms, in case VIPs visit the area. The apartment building is property of the Newhaven government. If you want to rent or buy a place, you should ask the mayor.

Apartments in the building Edit

Floor Function Extra apartment facilities
1st Reception and swimming pool
2nd FOR SALE (living)
3rd FOR SALE (living)
4th FOR SALE (living) Balcony
5th FOR SALE (living) Balcony
6th FOR SALE (living) Balcony
7th FOR SALE (living) Balcony
8th FOR RENT (living) Balcony
9th FOR RENT (living) Balcony
10th exlusive room Balcony, small terrace
11th exlusive room Balcony, roof terrace

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