Sparrow Marina 2

The Sparrow Marina seen from the administration building

The Sparrow Building in Sofasi is the administrative center of the Sparrow Marina. In the Sparrow Building people can hire a mooring for their yacht or boat in the Sparrow Marina.

Moorings Edit

# Mooring Yacht / Boat Owner
A1 available
A2 available
A3 available
A4 Old Library Oos Wes Ilava
B1 available
B2 available
B3 available
B4 available
B5 Monticello Arthur Jefferson
B6 King Arthur I King Dimitri I of Lovia
C1 Enrico Pollini Enrico Pollini
C2 available
C3 available
C4 Mea Cymba Jhon Lewis
C5 available
C6 Horace George Matthews
D1 Interludium Lars Washington
D2 available
D3 available
D4 Borealis Christopher Costello
D5 available
D6 Vesi III and Vesi IV Patrick McKinley

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