The Speaker of the Congress is a Member of the Congress that is elected by the members of Congress to preside over congressional sessions and keep order in Congress. The Speaker's duties also include calling special sessions of Congress to order and to ceremonially open and close Congress at the beginning and end of a congressional term. The Speaker may also call hearings on "special Lovian activities", according to the Federal Law, but no such laws that may allow this to happen have ever been passed. There is no need for the Speaker to renounce political affiliations in Congress, and the Speaker remains a full voting member of Congress.

The post was introduced in June 2011 by Prime Minister Marcus Villanova, via an amendment to the National Congressperson Order Act. The first Speaker of the Congress was William Krosby (SLP), who presided over the 2011 Second Congress and 2012 Congress for all of their terms. Semyon Breyev (independent) is served as the Speaker of the 2013 Congress, and Levi Straszev (GP) was the Speaker of the 2014 Congress and and 2014 Provisional Congress. Isabella Munson (CPL.nm) was the speaker of the 2015 Congress during the Whithdonck-Malsky I Government, but replaced by Neil Hardy after the creation of the Ilava III Government.

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