Special Chef Train Village
Special Chef TV
Name Special Chef Train Village
Product Brasserie
Origin Lovian
Founded April 15 2008 by Lars
Owner(s) Mr. 12trees (100%)
Headquarters Train Village
Profit N/A

Special Chef TV is a Lovian brasserie in Train Village, Sylvania, where eldermen and their visitors have lunch or diner.

What's in a name? Edit

The Special Chef TV, is a brasserie[1] with a relaxed setting, serving single dishes and other meals with more informal eating hours than a full-fledged restaurant and the same menu is served all day.

The brasserie enjoys an unrivalled reputation for the originality and quality of its superb dishes, a skilful blend of eastern and western cuisine, elegantly presented and served by friendly waitresses.

General information Edit

The Brasserie Special Chef is conveniently located on Subway Street 1 in Train Village just a few blocks away from the TV Railway Station Express Station. and just a stroll away from The Mall and Pierlot Pizza, it offers a perfect position from which to explore this fascinating Lovian town with its huge Train Village Football Stadium yet to be built.

'Special Chef' uses the best and freshest local ingredients and also features a superb wine list. There are also 2 private rooms that cater for parties of 8 to 50.

The brasserie is open daily from 11:00am till 22:00pm.

January 2010 special Edit

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  • News Years veal stew with madeira

April 1st special Edit

  • Igelpizza

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Reviews Edit

The food is good, but there is not much variation. Excellent choice on the fresh ingredients, great atmosphere, exellent wine. Overall, one of Lovia's best casual eateries 3.5 stars-Cinq Etoiles

References and notes Edit

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