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Starovlah Institute

Established 23rd May, 2008
Location 5 Heritage Avenue, Seal of Citizen Corner Citizen Corner, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Director Sir George Brian Mithrăndir
Visitor figures c. 10,000 a year
Collection paintings, photographs, books and manuscripts, icons, artifacts

The Starovlah Institute is a museum, a gallery, and a library opened for visitors, devoted to strengthening cultural ties between Lovia and the Balkans. Its director is Professor Mithrăndir. The Institute keeps paintings, documents, books and other cultural heritage of especially Stari Vlah and Bosnia, but other Balkan countries as well. It is situated in Citizen Corner, Noble City.

The Starovlah Institute’s collection contains about 20,000 works of art, including books, copies of medieval manuscripts, Orthodox icons, archaeological artifacts, modern paintings from 1800s onwards, and various collections of photographs and postcards, which is comparable to the entire collection of the Lovian Museum for Modern Art.

A museum hall with the copies of medieval manuscripts, old maps, Orthodox icons, and archaeological artifacts from the Balkans is situated in the central part of the Institute building. A copy of the Gospels of Miroslav, the oldest found Serbian manuscript dating from the 12th century, is currently exhibited for the audience.

Miroslav Gospels Exhibition

A copy of the Miroslav Gospels exhibited in the Institute’s central museum hall

A library that mostly includes books on the subject of South Slavic linguistics and philology, as well as books of popular literature in Balkan languages, is located in the western wing of the Institute building. It contains around 12,000 titles.

The eastern part of the building is a gallery of modern art, that also includes two important legacies — the Legacy of Rudolf Bruner-Dvořák containing photographs he made in Bosnia in c. 1906, and the Legacy of Đorđe Prudnikov, illustrious Starovlah painter.

One of the Prudnikov’s portraits of the former Yugoslav president Tito from the Institute’s legacy was a gift from the Starovlah Institute to King Dimitri I, which was announced by Professor Mithrăndir during the grand opening of the Institute’s modern art gallery in the eastern wing of the building, on the 23rd of May, 2008.

Institute’s collection Edit

Western Wing Central Hall Eastern Wing
Museum Hall
Gallery of Modern Art
12,000 titles
current exhibition
Miroslav Gospels
The Bruner-Dvořák Legacy
The Prudnikov Legacy
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