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The five states

Lovia is divided into five states: Clymene, Kings, Oceana, Seven and Sylvania. All states are governed by a governor and deputy governor.

History Edit

Shortly after the foundation of the sixth Lovian place, Kinley, in 1903, the idea of a high-level subdivision arose among the citizens. In 1904 the Lovian Congress proposed the foundation of states, which was accepted June 20 of that year. This was set in action January 1, 1905, and Clymene, Kings, Oceana, Seven, and Sylvania were created. The first state elections were held in October 1905.

Etymology of the state names Edit

  • Sylvania - forest land in Latin, due to the wooded nature of the state
  • Kings - named after the king
  • Seven - the number of islands in the state.
  • Oceana - a reference to the nearby ocean
  • Clymene - another name for the nymph Asia, referring to the Asians who first discovered it.

List Edit

State Seal Flag Capital Population Hexacode Situation map
Clymene Seal of Clymene Flag of Clymene Seal of Sofasi Sofasi (town) 35,932 CL (CL-01-01) State map Clymene
Kings Seal of Kings Flag of Kings Seal of Newhaven Newhaven 64,292 KI (KI-01-01)
State map Kings
Oceana Seal of Oceana Flag of Oceana Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova 48,265 OC (OC-01-01)
State map Oceana
Seven Seal of Seven Flag of Seven Seal of Kinley Kinley (town) 27,894 SE (SE-01-01)
State map Seven
Sylvania Seal of Sylvania Flag of Sylvania Seal of Noble City Noble City 76,509 SY (SY-01-01)
State map Sylvania
Flag of Lovia Small Lovian political divisions

Federal monarchy: Kingdom of Lovia

Subnational division: 5 states
Local subdivision: 3 cities
Local subdivision: 5 towns
Sublocal subdivision: 39 neighborhoods
Local subdivision: 11 villages
Local subdivision: 84 hamlets

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