Stephen Robinson Identity
Stephen Robinson
Name Stephen Robinson
Full name Stephanus William (Stephen) Robinson
Sex Male Male
Born July 31, 1852, Baton Rouge
Deceased June 24, 1890, Noble City
Home Noble City
Functions Founding Father
Founder of the Noble City General Hospital
NC Interim Mayor
Languages English, French
Roman Catholic

Stephen Robinson (Baton Rouge, 1852 - Noble City, 1890) was a personal friend of King Arthur I and one of the Founding Fathers of Lovia. He also founded the Noble City General Hospital. He was known for his great power and inspiration. He was Roman Catholic and an open-minded man with a clear humanistic vision. He has served several short periods as interim Mayor of Noble City. The Stephen Headland on Peace Island was named after him shortly after his death.

Lovian cuisine Edit

Stephen Robinson has been of major influence of the Lovian cuisine. He brought with him the secrets of Louisiana's creole kictchen and influenced the Lovian cuisine. The influence of the cook book he co-wrote together with his niece Molly Relais-Cambra, is still noticeble today. They wrote the book 'Cooking Creole' (1883) which was well received by the Lovian public. To this day, Lovian cuisine is influenced by the recipes Stephen and Molly introduced.

Nicknames Edit

  • the Power, because of his physical power
  • Black Power, idem
  • Lousiana Man, because of his Lousianan origin

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