Sycamore Drive

Sycamore Drive, at the intersection with Poet's Street

Sycamore Drive is one of Lovia's most famous roads. It is located in Artista, a Noble City neighborhood. It is well known for the many artists living at the Drive and the beautiful sycamore trees bordering the lane. The Mithrăndir’s book shop is situated at 10 Sycamore Drive, as well as the Fountain Love.

The Sycamore Drive is one of the three avenues forming the Syfreb Axis and the sy in that name stands for Sycamore Drive.

Poem Edit

Secure and stately sycamore
trees, across the road, fill
our front windows with pink
candelabra on this May morning.
The candy floss blossoms give
light to the grim grey area
where many young people reside
in bedsitters and small flats.
These trees have witnessed
much change, yet they continue
to flood from their branches
brilliant blushing petals,
bringing a delicate grace
to an old Noble City Street.

This poem is well known in Artista, but it is not known who wrote it. The text appears on posters, walls and in regional songs. It's, in fact, Sycamore Drive's "publicity song".

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