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The Sylvania Police or Sylvania State Police was a Lovian police authority and the Local Police authority of the State of Sylvania. It coexisted with Town and City Police authorities, as the Governor King Dimitri I had chosen the Combination System. The Sylvania Police was abolished August 29th, 2010, as part of the 2010 State Reform. The headquarters were in Downtown Noble City.

The Sylvania Police was headed by a Police Chief. In 2008, the Governor appointed Allison Sweet to the office. She served until August 2010, when the bureau was abolished.

Overview Edit

State Police Edit

The Sylvania Police was a state police institution. It took care of all cases crossing town or city borders. The Sylvania Police could assist Town or City Police when needed or could assist the Federal Police when that would have been necessary. Whenever issues transgressed state borders, the local safety authorities, including Sylvania Police, were obliged to hand over the case to the Federal Police. Cooperation whenever asked was required and withholding information on that case was strictly forbidden.[1]

City and Town Police Edit

All towns and cities in Sylvania had their own police authority. They operated within their town or city bounderies. If a case crossed these borders, the case was hand over to the state's police authority, the Sylvania Police[2]. The heads of these City or Town Police departments were called Bureau Chiefs.

References and notes Edit

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