Taiyō no Eisei Identity
Taiyō no Eisei
Name Taiyō no Eisei
Full name Deputy Governor Taiyō no Eisei Ph.D.
Born 22 August 1968 (age 44), Hurbanova
Home 1 Gateway Street, Seal of Newhaven Downtown,
Seal of Newhaven Newhaven, Seal of Kings Kings; 1 College Street, Seal of Kinley Kinley,
Seal of Seven Seven; 44 Vlackstreet, Seal of Hurbanova Newport,
Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova, Seal of Oceana Oceana
Functions Businessman, Politician, Physicist, Professor, Pastor, Electrician, MOTC, Deputy Governor of Seven, Chairman of the CDP, Member of the NCO, Minister of Health
Languages English, Japanese, Latin, Spanish
Christian (non-denominational)

Taiyō no Eisei (born on 22 August 1968 in Hurbanova, Oceana) is a European-Lovian that moved from Lovia to Japan as a child and finally back to Lovia and is now a politician, professor, pastor, government official, and businessman. He is a member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) and formerly a member of the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia (CCPL). He lives in Newhaven, on 1 Gateway St., and currently runs an electrical improvement company. He founded the company in late 2012, hiring some of his students as workers. Before founding his business, he earned an Associate's degree in Applied Engineering (A.A.S.), Bachelor of Science in Physics (B.S.), Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Masters of Science in Physics (M.S.), Masters of Applied Economics (M.A.E.), Doctorate in Physics (Ph.D.) and Doctorate in Business Economics (Ph.D.). His broad range of knowledge in science and business gave him the ability to start his private electric company, Taiyō Alternate Energy (TAE). He also teaches at Blackburn University as a kinetic physics and capitalist economics professor. After the 2012 state elections, only one candidate ran for Governor in Seven (current governor, Semyon Breyev); a re-nomination and re-vote were held to elect a Deputy Governor. Taiyō won the election and took the role of Deputy Governor. Later, in 2013, Taiyō acquired three seats in Congress and took the role of Minister of Health.

Taiyō Alternate Energy Edit

Taiyō Alternate Energy is an energy research and supplying company. They work to advance alternative energy sources and promote non-wind mill energy as wind mills are loud and kill birds. See main article Taiyō Alternate Energy (TAE)

Contemporary Church of Lovia Edit

The Contemporary Church of Lovia is a mega church started by Taiyō in 2012. See main article Contemporary Church of Lovia (CCL)

Christian Democratic Party Edit

The Christian Democratic Party is a Right-wing, Conservative, Christian party founded by Taiyō in 2012. They have six total seats in Congress. See main article Christian Democratic Party (CDP)

2013 Congress Campaigning Images Edit

Taiyo no Eisei Quote 2012 Taiyo no Eisei Campaign Add Brett wants you to join the MCCF RMF the only serious choice

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