The Lovian News
Name The Lovian News
Product newspapers
Origin Lovia
Founded 2011, by Jhon Lewis
Key people Jhon Lewis (director of Lewis Media)
Owner(s) Lewis Media (100%)
Headquarters Seal of the Old Harbor Old Harbor, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Profit L$ 870.000 (2011)

The Lovian News is a newspaper in Lovia that is owned by Lewis Media wich is owned by Jhon Lewis. The Lovian News was started on 21 October in 2011 as part of Plus Company, a former company wich was owned by Lewis.

Book ratingsEdit

The Lovian News give stars to every book in Lovia that was released after 1 January 2009. The maximum of stars is five and the worst book can have one star.

Two stars Two stars smallEdit

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Five stars Five stars smallEdit