The Mall, NC

Seal of The Mall

Flag of The Mall

Name The Mall
Hexacode TM / SY-NC-TM
Population 1,389
Location Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania (Peace Island)
Next to Seal of Mandarin Village Mandarin Village, Seal of Little Europe Little Europe, Seal of Downtown Downtown, Seal of Citizen Corner Citizen Corner

The Mall is a central Noble City neighborhood, in between Downtown, Little Europe and Mandarin Village. It's mostly a economical area, featuring many stores and a popular shopping zone. In 2007 and 2008 many renovations were made and the neighborhood was totally renewed. The new neighborhood officially opened March 31, 2008. Since the neighborhood opened it's main function is mainly for jobs and ranks second to last in population of neighborhoods in Noble City.

Neighborhood map Edit

*1 Greenfield Sports Park
24 Innovation Avenue
Federal Property
6 Science Street
*2 Adrianus Graf
5 Science Street
Kameron Foods
6 Law Street
*3 Mangiamo
7 Law Street
Lovian Auto Museum
14 Innovation Avenue
Unified Lutheran Church
22 Innovation Avenue
Noble City Stock Exchange
20 Innovation Avenue
18 Innovation Avenue
16 Innovation Avenue
Innovation Avenue
LBCA Office
15 Innovation Avenue
Post Office
13 Innovation Avenue
Warped Vinyl
11 Innovation Avenue
Mr. Greek
9 Innovation Avenue
Noble City Mall
7 Innovation Avenue
Westend Soccer Field
_ Language Street
The Mall School
8 Science Street
Abner Jenkins Automotive
7 Science Street
8 Law Street
Lukas Hoffmann
14 Heritage Avenue
Veloz Group
12 Heritage Avenue
Baldwin Coffees
10 Heritage Avenue
Bonnet Institute
8 Heritage Avenue
Heritage Avenue
Speakers' Corner
21 Heritage Av.
19 Heritage Av.
Citizena logo
17 Heritage Av.
Marketfresh logo
15 Heritage Av.
13 Heritage Av.
Exotic Garden of Lovia
11 Heritage Av.
BBSM Pacific
10 Science Street
Federal Property
9 Law Street

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