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Thomas Jefferson

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Beauty and beyond

Lovia - Thomas Jefferson Park - 800px-Serpentine Wall

Serpentine wall

The Thomas Jefferson Park is a Lovian city park in Little Europe, Noble City, named after the third president of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson Park Edit

When entering the Thomas Jefferson Park visitors are often overwhelmed by the simple though perfect layout of its grounds. A path meanders near the serpentine wall to the memorial which is a smaller version of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.

Gazing through the pilars, visitors cannot but absorb the power of the cloudless skies above Lovia. In an overwhelming journey into history, onto the roots of Democracy and Freedom mankind unwillingly opens its soul to wisdom.

Many have come, and many more will come to feel and taste the warmth of freedom and democracy which, one day shall be part of everyone's life.

Lovia - Thomas Jefferson Park - 450px-IMG 3592 - Washington DC - Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Lovia - Thomas Jefferson Park - Lawn

The lawn in winter

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