Tom Rich Identity
Tom Rich
Name Tom Rich
Full name Dr. Tom Rich
Born February, 1 1954 (age 58), Hurbanova
Home 3A Hurbanova street, Seal of Hurbanova Newport,
Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova, Seal of Oceana Oceana
Functions Musician, Politician, Professor
Languages English

Dr. Tom Rich is a Lovian musician, politician, and former professor of music composition at Blackburn University. He currently lives in Hurbanova, and makes a living by composing and performing music. His primary performance instruments are marimba and vibraphone. Before attending college, he formed a 6 man jazz-rock fusion band, named XStrobex (X572083x), with a group of high school friends in which he played keyboard and drum set. Tom and one of his fellow band members switched off playing keyboard and drum set, for they were both percussionists and pianists. During his later years of high school, Tom became addicted to smoking cigars, cigarettes, and marijuana, drinking alcohol, and chewing tobacco. Tom broke his marijuana addiction, in case he planned to go to America. He earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degree at Blackburn University, and after teaching for 10 years at Blackburn University he resigned to focus on composing and performing music. His interest in politics grew quickly after his resignation.

Tom Rich

Music CompositionsEdit

Lovian Dance by Tom Rich

Lovian Dance by Tom Rich

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