Seal of the Trading Quarter

Flag of the Trading Quarter

Name Trading Quarter
Hexacode SY-NC-TQ
Population 3,425
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
(Peace Island)
Next to Seal of Downtown Downtown, Seal of the Old Harbor Old Harbor,
Seal of Long Road Long Road, Seal of New Town New Town
Nicknames Traders, TQ'ers

The Trading Quarter is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the capital, Noble City.

History Edit

The Trading Quarter is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Noble City and was erected in the first years of Lovia as a place for traders and businessmen. It was a popular marketplace and lots of people moved to this quarter because of its location. The story goes that a certain traveller, Andreas van Velthoven would have founded this neighborhood in the 1600s. This is a myth, but a very popular one, dating back from the years Noble City was still in his starting days. In 1940, communist politician Maarten Dolmatoff was assassinated in Libertas Avenue 10, the place where he lived.

Quarter Map Edit

^ Downtown ^
Federal Property
Andreas Avenue 2
Noble City Credit Union
Kings Street 1
*1 Federal Foods Inc. Main Office
Kings Street 2
Prince Alexander
Medieval Street 1
*2 Volt Motors
Medieval Street 2
Transbaum Studios
Andreas Avenue 12B
St. Mary's Church
Andreas Avenue 4
Andreas Avenue 6
The Soccerfield Springles
Andreas Avenue 10
gas station
Swift Oil
Andreas Avenue 12A
Technology Avenue
Andreas Avenue 2
Andreas Avenue 3
Blackburn University, Noble City
Andreas Avenue 5
Dirk Brandt
Andreas Avenue 9
LBS Bank
Andreas Avenue 11
Sylvania Winery
Kings Street 3
Souvenir Shop
Medieval Street 4
Libertas Avenue 4
Statue of Andreas
Libertas Avenue 10
Lovian Freethought Academy
Libertas Avenue 12
Diligence Avenue
Bob I
Libertas Avenue 1A
Big Kahuna
Libertas Avenue 3
Blackburn University, Noble City
Libertas Avenue 5
Noble City General Hospital
Libertas Avenue 7
Autogo logo (Lovia) Federal Property
Libertas Avenue 9
Libertas Avenue 11A
Le Baccarat
Libertas Avenue 1B
Vineyard Store
Kings Street 5
Federal Property
Medieval Street 6
Libertas Avenue 11B

  • *1 - Kings Street
  • *2 - Medieval Street

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