Train Village Dutch
Spoken in: Seal of Train Village Train Village
Total speakers: 0
Origin: Dutch, Lovian English
Language extinction: 1960s
Language family: Indo-European
::West Germanic
:::Low Franconian
Writing system: Latin script
Official status
Official language in: nowhere
Regulated by: no official regulation
Language codes
ISO 639-1: -
ISO 639-2: -
ISO 639-3: -
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Train Village Dutch is an extinct Lovian dialect that evolved from Dutch, but was heavily influenced by Lovian English. Train Village Dutch was spoken by a minority of Dutch-Lovians in Train Village. It was characterized by an extraordinary spelling. It went extinct in the 1960s. Fortunately, the language is well documented.


  • A special word order: De <object referred> dii <qualification of the object> is en die voer <what is happening with it>. The object which is referred to is put first, unlike in Dutch where it is put after the qualification.
  • Most words which have the dutch oo sound have the oe sound in Train Village Dutch, due to English influence.
  • "ii" and "ie" are pronounced like West Frisian "ii": /iː/.

Examples Edit

  • De sloen dii groet is en die voer men opent.
    English: A great saloon for men is opening.
    Dutch: Een prachtige saloon voor mannen opent.
  • Yes, dii liemoen iis niit ta groet.
    English: Yes, that lemon is not too big.
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