Unified Lutheran Church

The Unified Lutheran Church (ULC) is a religious denomination and church body in Lovia. It was formed when the Lovian Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Free Lutheran Association merged in 2001. There are two ULC parishes in Lovia, a third is being planned and a fourth has already been announced. The main church is based in The Mall, Noble City.

Bible use Edit

The Unified Lutheran Church has been using the Lovian Standard Version of the Bible since its founding. Some church members have already spoken out on the conservativeness of the LSV translation. However, it is still in use due to the church's wish to support Lovian bible translation.

Parishes Edit

Parish Location Area covered by parish Pastor Image
Unified Lutheran Church

1. Peace Island Parish
Seal of The Mall The Mall
Seal of Noble City Noble City
Oceana and
Pastor Robert Smith ULC Peace Island Parish Church
Unified Lutheran Church

2. Kings Parish
Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Kings Pastor Abigail Delatour ULC Kings Parish Church

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