The United Wiki Nations was a supranational organization. Lovia was a former member of the UWN. After it closed down, a new organization named the IWO was formed, often referred to as the successor to the organization.[1]

Abolishment members Edit

  1. Libertas Libertas(link)
    A republic in the North Atlantic
    Languages: Dutch (Libertan)
    Currency: € (Euro)
  2. Adlibita Adlibita (link)
    A republic in the Mediterrean Sea
    Languages: Romanian (Adlibitan)
    Currency: ?
  3. Flag of Mäöres Mäöres (link)
    A republic in the Indian Ocean
    Languages: Limburgish, Unified Mäöres Language, (Old Mäöres Language)
    Currency: € (Euro)
  4. Ziltland (link) (HEADQUARTERS)
    In the Atlantic Ocean; headquarters of the UWN and not much else
    Languages: Dutch, Zealandic, English
    Currency: ?

References and notes Edit

  1. Source: Second Chamber, Congress.

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