Grassy river bank

A photo of Beaver River, taken from the Upper Embankment. Note the Peace Island Railway train bridge that runs over the river.

The Upper Embankment is a naturally-rounded river bank that runs south of Noble City in Lovia parallel to neighborhoods such as Long Road and the Industrial Park. It stands between the densely inhabited region of Noble City Bay and the Beaver River outlet. The knoll functions as a sort of water barrier, preventing the Beaver River from overflowing into the land around Noble City and the city itself, which explains how it had been given its name.

Although the embankment is not officially considered a public park, it isn't off limits to visitors. Park benches are scattered about the banks of the river, offering visitors a place to relax while enjoying the area's scenic views. Children can often be found playing along the river during the daytime, regardless of the season.

History Edit

Geographers have determined that the hill was formed by some unique sort of natural, gradually occuring splash erosion over hundreds of years, coming to a halt shortly before Lovia's colonization.

Their were times when Beaver River outlet did, in fact, overflow, spilling over the embankment and into the southern portion of Noble City. The damage caused in recent history was never too catastrophic, however, considering that the Long Road portion of the city was more natural and less populated. Rarely did the river overflow past that point, as the natural soil always had a tendency to absorb the water.

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