Hey everyone! I'm back, with something fun, new and interactive that I'd like to test out. If it excites everyone here enough, I might continue if just to sate my appetite to troll.

I was searching Youtube the other day, and I found this animated political cartoon by the Youtube user Y2KCIA. I honestly don't remember how I came across this video, but I found that I could relate to the point it was trying to get across. I'm not saying that I feel as extremely and harshly about liberalism as our animated friend in the video, but the points that I do agree with are:

1) that liberal arguments are often flawed and heavily biased (which is ironic in itself, I think).
2) its clear that the creator of this video is pretty fixed on conservative ideals, but you'll find that the protagonist is quite rational and civil with his argument, and does make some valid points/suggestions.

Overall, I found it interesting. I'm sure that this community will too. It has nothing to do with Lovia, and is not relevant to the real-world events either, I found it to be more of an example. I simply posted it below and am eagerly awaiting the response it is sure to provoke from the liberal and conservative communities alike.

How Liberals Argue

How Liberals Argue

Let the political bashing begin! And may the odds be ever in your side's favor!

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