Vadim Smith

Vadim Smith, badass

Vadim Smith (16 July, 1975 - October 30, 2011) was a well-known Noble City martial artist, bouncer and tough-guy. In the events of the 2011 Lovian Civil War, he rose up against the "barbarian horde invading his city" and managed to fight back a devision of IGP rebels, led by Dietrich Honecker.

Vadim Smith became sort of a folk hero to the people of Noble City and Lovia as a whole, and his opposition got many civilians to follow in his footsteps, their morale boosted.

On October 26, 2011, Vadim Smith walked over to the rebel side with unspecified reasons. Many of his supporters and fans in Noble City instantly came along and followed his example. Il Duce has promised Vadim that he will be rewarded for supporting the Oceana movement.

Vadim Smith was arrested on October 28, after the Sigma-1/UNLOR Joint Task Force seized him and held him captive aboard an UNLOR boat.

He was discovered to be imprisoned in New York City Maximum Security Prison, after the United States Army arrested him and sent him there because of fear of him escaping. He mysteriously died there on the 30th of October, 2011.

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