The Vandreck Building is a mixed-use building in Mandarin Village, Noble City. Construction began in 2005, and finished in 2010. It has 12 floors for office use, and 13 floors for apartments. The building is named after Jan Vandreck, the building's designer, of Dutch/German descent. This 25-story building is currently the tallest building in Lovia, since the Hotel North was demolished.

Floors Edit

Floor Owner Type
1st Reception
3rd Embassy of Pintona Office
4th El Toro Office
5th ATV Office
6th Alphabet Publishers Office
7th today Office
8th FOR RENT Office
9th Vanguard Group Office
10th Vanguard Group Office
11th M & M Incorporated Office
12th Landmark Group Office
13th Vytautas Kalnietis Apartment
14th FOR SALE Apartment
15th Thomas Cleeves Apartment
16th FOR SALE Apartment
17th Xavier Ares Apartment
18th FOR SALE Apartment
19th FOR SALE Apartment
20th FOR SALE Apartment
21st Andrea Wright Apartment
22nd Justin A. + Sophie T. + family Apartment
23rd FOR SALE Apartment
24th FOR SALE Apartment
25th Richard Luton Penthouse
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