Vineyard Store
Vineyard Store

"Lovia's finest"

Name Vineyard Store
Product Groceries and delicatessen
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovian
Founded January 2nd, 2010
Owner(s) Shadwell Inc
Headquarters see article
Profit n.a.

The Vineyard Store is a Lovian chain of grocery and delicatessen shops, currently owned by Shadwell Inc, and founded by Martha Van Ghent. There are branches in Newhaven, Noble City, Kinley, Novosevensk, East Hills and Beaverwick.

Vineyard Stores interprets the delicatessen concept the European way, i.e. top-quality and sometimes hard to find fine foods, as opposed to the American meaning, which rather refers to fresh sandwiches and made-to-order salads and meals.[1] Vineyard Stores does, however, offer a selection of meals.

Name Edit

The Vineyard Store was founded by Martha Van Ghent. As such, the store's name is an allusion to Martha's Vineyard, a small island off the south of Massachusetts' Cape Cod.

History Edit

The Vineyard Store in Newhaven opened January 2nd, 2010. Plans to open the store, however, were already made back in 2007. At the time, they were postponed due to financial deficits.

After the shop's owner announced she was considering a second store "if the Newhavers find their way easily to the store", a new shop opened in the Noble City Mall in The Mall, Noble City. At the end of January 2010, Vineyard Stores were transferred to the newly founded Shadwell Inc. In May, three additional stores opened in other Lovian towns and hamlets. In August 2010, an additional store in Noble City was opened.

Vineyard Stores are the leading delicatessen store chain in the nation.

Branches Edit

Suppliers Edit

Vineyard Stores wishes to "import only from nearby nations, to limit the impact on the environment." Most products sold at Vineyard come from Lovia, Libertas and the United States.

Suppliers include:

Kalamata olives

Lovia-produced kalamata olives

Sports sponsorship Edit

The Vineyard Store sponsors the LSCA women's curling.

References and notes Edit

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