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One of the beaches

The Republic of Vreêland or Vreêland (English: Peace Land) is a republic in the Caribbean Sea. This wiki nation used to be a member of the United Wiki Nations. The official languages are the rare Aeres dialect, Saterlandic, South Frisian and North Frisian, but there are also minority languages as Dutch, Limburgish, Chinese, English and the native language, Vreôhygan. The small country with only 3000 inhabitants lays next to Trinidad and Tobago. The capital of Vreêland is Frýskuur. Most of the inhabitants of the Republic of Vreêland are from Aeres origin. The most important sectors are oil and tourism because of the endless white sandy beaches, the crystal clear water, the old cities, the beautiful forests and of course the national symbol, volcanoes.

The nation was derecognised by UWN, but after a few month it revived.

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