Walker Cavaliers

Walker Cavaliers

Present! Wo-Shees!

Full name Walker Cavaliers
Date June 8, 2008-present
Nicknames Cavaliers, the Woshees
Club colors

██ maroon

██ navy

Sports soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, Curling, Lacrosse
Chairman George Matthews
Headquarters Occidental Arena, Seal of Train Village Train Village, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania

The Walker Cavaliers is the name of a Train Village-based multi-sports club. The athletes are called the Walker Cavaliers, the Cavaliers, or the Woshees. Their home arena is the Occidental Arena, in Downtown, Train Village. The club has a well-known association football team, as well as a famous American football team. Other sports are basketball, baseball and ice hockey. The Cavaliers' official colors are maroon (bordeaux) red and navy blue. The club is named after their main sponsor and founder, Walker Inc. The Walker Cavaliers are a LSCA member and the association football team is a participant in the LSCA Major Soccer League, the LSCA Lacrosse League, and curling.

Sports Edit

American football Edit

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Association football Edit

Men Edit

The current men's squad, composed 4-3-3, is:

No. Position Player Comment
1 United States GK[1] Luke Oakley
2 United States DF[2] John MacBeth
3 Flag of Lovia Small DF Martin O. Sawyer
4 Flag of Lovia Small DF Joshua Nickolson
5 Flag of Lovia Small DF George Timbert Former Bay Hawks player
6 Flag of the Netherlands MF[3] André Van den Berghe
7 800px-Flag of England svg MF Anthony Head Former Manchester United junior player
8 Flag of Lovia Small MF Anthony Penn Former FC Soccerer junior player
9 Flag of Lovia Small FW[4] Stevie Donaldson Former tennis player
10 Flag of France FW Jean-Paul de Villiers
11 Flag of Lovia Small FW "Charlie" McIntosh
12 United States MF Whit Tarlton Former monster truck driver
13 Flag of Belgium DF Matthias Dubois
14 United States GK Prince Henderson
15 Flag of India FW Robert Chatterjee

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Match overview Edit

Baseball Edit

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Basketball Edit

Notable former Walker Cavaliers players include Jimmy Nash, who currently plays with the Libertan team BBC Wikistad, and Ivo Roberts, who played for the Caveliers in 2016.

  1. Sal Hurt (center/forward)
  2. Hank Janlik (center)
  3. Lenny Marx (forward)
  4. Kenny Tork (forward)
  5. James Vander Jr. (forward)
  6. Urie Goty (guard)
  7. Jordan Hayns (guard)
  8. Michael Kity (guard)
  9. Zackary Bucket (guard)
  10. Michael Brown (guard)
  11. Jordan Wesly (guard)

Curling Edit

The Walker Cavaliers won the Men's Lovian Curling Association 2010, the first edition of the MLCA. Their women's team won the 2012-edition of the Women's Lovian Curling Association.

Male team Edit

  • Bob Rufferson (head coach)
  • Yuri Qukkpjoyi (skip)
  • Paul Hoijk (broom)
  • Tom Frankinson (room)
  • Ron Rufferson (skip/broom)
  • Andrew Johann Toyrk (reserve)

Female team Edit

  • Gina Hunia (head coach)
  • Zela Hoar (skip)
  • Michelle Robinson (broom)
  • Cristina Rolle (broom)
  • Kelly Role (skip/broom)
  • Michaela Rufferson (skip/broom)

Ice hockey Edit

The ice hockey team plays in the LIHA Division One in 2012. Join the Cavaliers ice hockey team!

Cricket Edit

The Walker Cavaliers cricket team participates in the Lovia Cricket League. The cricket branch of the Walker Cavaliers was founded in 2011, and the team joined the LCL in 2013. When it joined the LCL, it inherited a lot of resources from the Train Village Cricket Club, which left the league at the end of the 2012 season.

Current squad Edit

Players in bold have received international caps.

  • Opening batsmen
  • Middle-order batsmen
  • All-rounders
  • Wicketkeepers
  • Pace bowlers
  • Spin bowlers

References and notes Edit

  1. GK = goalkeeper.
  2. DF = defender.
  3. MF = midfielder.
  4. FW = forward, attacker.

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